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Caitlin Fry Level III Stylist


Caitlin is a senior stylist at Haven with over 10 years of experience as a professional hairstylist.

Growing up, Caitlin would spend countless hours styling her Barbie’s hair. Eventually, this translated into working with real people and becoming inspired by the power that personal beauty could have on people’s self-esteem. Pursuing that inspiration, she sought out an education as a professional hairstylist which led her to become the phenomenal hair artist that she is today.

With nearly ten years of consulting as a beauty expert and delivering inspired looks to her clientele, Caitlin has developed many specialties including balayage to achieve blonde looks, medium and long length haircuts, as well as finished styling. She focuses on the perfection of soft tones and shades meant to enhance an individual’s natural style and complexion.

Caitlin has worked internationally at the Toronto, New York, and California hair shows, taking influence from talent from all over the world, she has kept her passion alive.

“Making my clients look and feel confident is always the goal. I don’t want people to just come and get their hair done. I want them to come for the full experience.”