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Julia Ventrella Level II Stylist


Julia is a fabulously talented stylist with over 5 years of experience.

She graduated from cosmetology school in 2019 and acquired her hairstyling license. Since then, she has focused on joining the right salon team and building up her skill set. After over 2 years at Haven, Julia has found her home and begun to make her mark on the beauty industry.

Julia is an accomplished stylist who has significantly honed her craft since she first began. She excels in cutting short, medium, and long hair, demonstrating exceptional proficiency in delivering stylish, functional, and natural-looking results. Her expertise now extends seamlessly across all hair lengths, with a refined ability to enhance waves and texture in a way that complements each individual’s natural beauty.

Her evolved approach to haircutting reflects a deep understanding of contemporary trends and techniques, ensuring that every style she creates is both modern and effortlessly manageable. Julia’s warm demeanor and attentive nature further enhance her role as a versatile and insightful style advisor, capable of meeting the unique needs of every client with professionalism and care.

At Haven, Julia continues to thrive by benefiting from the mentorship of seasoned peers while contributing her own unique blend of creativity and elegance to the salon environment. Her ability to make clients feel comfortable and engage in genuine, relaxing conversation is key to her success in serving the diverse Willowdale and GTA communities. Julia’s growth and skill development ensure that every visit to her chair is both a rewarding and enjoyable experience.