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Kristen Mullen Level III Stylist


Kristen is a Senior Level 3 stylist at Haven with over 10 years of experience.

From a very young age, Kristen has always been drawn to art and beauty. She began competing in regional hairdressing competitions at the age of 15 and by 19 she had decided it was time to pursue her passion professionally, then graduating from Marvel and becoming a full-time stylist.

Over the past decade, Kristen has traveled across North America educating fellow industry professionals while building on her own experience and creative abilities along the way. In those years, she found herself specializing in the art of  meticulous blow-dry styling, achieving beautiful volume and texture using just a brush. This talent along with her love of blondes and creative hair colouring has allowed her to build a career creating literal works of art combining style and color for her many clients. 

In the salon behind the chair, she takes great pride in the long-term relationships that she has built with her clientele and exercises her multitudes of experience by bringing beauty to the people that she graces and shares her time with.

Her specialties include coloring and blonding, highlights and balayage, expert blow dry styling, as well as precision haircuts of all lengths.