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Luxe Phan Level III Stylist


Luxe is a stylist of over 8 years of experience.

Luxe embraces beauty and has a diverse set of skills that enable her to bring her vision as a hairstylist to life. Previously working in a Japanese salon for 5 years, she was able to develop strong technical cutting skills, advanced color correction skills, as well as a variety of specialized perming techniques. She is also known for her duality and knowledge of hair, which can be seen in her passionate pursuit of delivering poise and beauty to her happy clients.

Luxe is a stylist that provides the highest quality of results, and always takes the health of her client’s hair into account. When choosing the right service for a client, she skillfully recommends the best ways to achieve the hair goal without compromising the hair’s integrity. She emphasizes catered services that prioritize the needs of the individual, while working cooperatively to help achieve the highest standard in beauty as the end goal.

With a truly diverse skill set, her specialties include custom perms, highlighting, balayage, air touch highlighting techniques, medium and long length hair cutting, as well as barbering, fades, and classic tapers.