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Sharon Tong Apprentice


Sharon is one of the latest additions to Haven’s family, working as an apprentice and a Junior Stylist in training.

Sharon is a newcomer to the salon industry, drawn by the way that hair pulls an outfit together and gives someone confidence, she believes that with the right stylist, it should be an absolute part of everyone’s aesthetic. Prior to attending school for hairstyling, Sharon was pursuing an undergraduate degree in genetics when she realized that spending her days in a lab with cells and DNA wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life. Instead, she decided that sharpening a set of applied skills while bringing joy to people through beauty and creating memorable social experiences would be more worth her efforts.

You may see Sharon running around the salon assisting the more senior members of her team, but she’s on her way to building a clientele of her own filled with individuals who aren’t afraid to experiment with hairstyles and colors. You can see her love of colors and patterns reflected in her personal wardrobe!

Outside of the salon, Sharon enjoys people watching, wishing she was born in time for 90s fashion, and making her music taste her personality.