Why is Haven a queer friendly salon?

First of all, the majority of our employees are part of the LGBTQ+ community. As individuals who have all experienced our share of discrimination, fear, and anxiety due to being different and feeling like we don’t belong, we can truly relate to the hardships that can come with being part of the queer community in a social culture that’s not prepared for it. We have also experienced loving support, understanding, kindness, and empathy from those who were willing to share it. With this in mind, one of our goals in creating a salon business in North York, Toronto was to open a space that is truly the first modern community focused salon that caters to all people regardless of their race, age, or gender identity. It also works out that having such a diverse clientele, we are equiped with an incredibly diverse set of skills and experiences allowing us to cater hair services based on a huge variety of individual needs and expectations. With the above in mind, Haven can be defined as a safe, relatable, and welcoming space for individuals who identify as queer.

Secondly, we are fairly new! Which makes us one of the most modern up and coming hair salons in Toronto and the GTA. We are one of the first to create a genderless menu model, which means our haircut servicing and pricing is based on hair length rather than gender. The concept of hair services for “Men” and “Women” simply does not apply in the modern world. We believe this new approach provides an inclusive menu style which enables us to meet everyones indivudual needs more comfortably and sincerely. We also use some of the latest technologies and programs to support online ease of use, online scheduling and rebooking, and allows for complete trasparency regarding timing, pricing, our schedule, and our amazingly diverse team.

Finally, we are situated in Willowdale, one of the most diverse, friendly, and green neighborhoods in the GTA. This means that our general clientele is modern, sophisticated, open minded and respectful. 

Our team is comprised of stylists who are very comfortable with funky hairstyles as well as more conservative looks, attracting the most wonderful, beautiful and diverse clientele! 

Looking forward to having you as part of the Haven family.


York Pride Fest

Access to community events which help bring individuals together and develop a sense of community.


LGBT YouthLine is comprised of talented individuals who are committed to supporting 2SLGBTQ+ youth across the province of Ontario.

Skylark Youth

Multilple resources for LGBTQ+ individuals including links to Art programs, mental health and addiction, alternative education.